As you may have guessed, this is a brand-new area on SourceForge.Net! Just got here on June 15, 2004. Please give us some time to get this set up as the main project page.

    BTW, I am looking for Project Administrators who are interested in clustering and who are already pretty well-versed in managing projects on SourceForge.Net. Please let me know!

    If you are looking for some quick downloads for TKCluster, try these:

  • TKCluster-0.3.0 tarball
  • Kernel 2.4.22 with SATA, ata_piix, openmosix, and relatively recent intel e1000 drivers (tar.bz2)
  • Article on TKCluster at SysAdmin Magazine, July 2004
  • Article on TKCluster at Linux Gazette, January 2004

    Otherwise, currently all articles, docs, etc are still located on my own website. Until this area becomes fully operational, please take a look and read the docs there.